Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit (Solar Powered)

Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit (Solar Powered) Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit (Solar Powered) 
Handsfree Bluetooth Car Kit with normal AND solar charging capability, normal built-in speaker or FM Transmitter for sound output direct to your car speakers, name and number caller ID and it's even an MP3 player by means of its TF / microSD card slot! All hail the King of Bluetooth handsfree Car Kits!

Why you need a Bluetooth Car Kit: To drive safely of course! Bluetooth car kits allow you to keep both hands on the wheel while you're talking to callers by means of Bluetooth technology which allows you to pair your cellphone to the car kit. In essence, pairing means that all cellphone functionality is passed over to the car kit. Once paired, you can speak aloud and your voice is picked up the car kit's built-in MIC and you can also listen to your caller through the car kit's built-in speaker. The best mobile phone recycling can be found here.

Why you need THIS Bluetooth Car Kit: The B21 is like the King of all Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kits because:
  • It lets you use either battery power or solar power - Yes never worry about running out of battery power again. Place the car kit into the included windshield bracket which allows the unit's solar panel to face this sun and you have an unlimited supply of talk time!
  • It has FM transmitter functionality - an absolutely amazing feature, it allows you to wirelessly connect the car kit to your car's stereo system. Basically all sound from the car kit will be output through your car speakers! Listen to your callers or your music through your car's own speaker system. Perfect for talking to people who mumble or talk in whispers!
  • It has Caller ID - but unlike some models that only display your caller's telephone number, this baby displays the caller name too. In fact, it will even synchronize with your mobile phone contact list!
  • It has a TF / microSD card slot so you can play MP3s on it - Load some MP3s into a TF / microSD card, slip it into the car kit and drive to your favorite tunes! Find several of these recycled phones here.

Samsung B7722 Dual SIM Phone Officially Announced In Sweden

Samsung has officially announced the upcoming release of its B7722 dual SIM phone in Sweden. The handset will become available in Sweden starting this month for SEK 4,000 (about $510). Specs-wise, the phone is equipped with a 3.2-inch touchscreen display, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash, TouchWiz UI, dual SIM card slots, a 200MB of internal memory, a microSD card slot, an FM radio, social networking site support, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and a 1200mAh battery.

Protector - Heavy Duty Fingerprint Door Lock

Protector - Heavy Duty Fingerprint Door Lock (Right)The Protector, newest Fingerprint Door Lock. A heavy gauge, all-metal door entry protection biometric door lock for use when you require the highest level door security system at your company, university or government office building. If you want presidential level protection and won't settle for anything else, look to the "The Protector" Fingerprint Door Lock.

What is The Protector? Its a fingerprint and key code dead bolt door lock system meant to protect your valuable materials and data while at the same time making it easy for employees and authorized personnel to enter and exit into their assigned work spaces. With The Protector you get the following benefits;

Robust and Capable: This biometric fingerprint door lock and entry system was thoughtfully designed to handle the most sensitive and high security zones. The Protector can handle can be used to guard private banking offices, VIP rooms, and high classified laboratories among other things. If someone was not meant to have access to a building or room, then this heavy duty fingerprint door lock will make sure it stays that way.

Indestructible: Fireproof, weatherproof and vandalproof, The Protector is made of only the best components along with a high grade die-cast aluminum casing that makes sure it can withstand even the most determined bad guys. Everything that comes with The Protector is of the highest quality, so you can be sure that from the lock set to the strike plate, you're getting a product that would cost 2x as much from others. In fact, burglars may find it easier to break through the wall than try to get through a door that has The Protector installed!

Modern Technology: Mortice dead lock with dual latch bolts means heavy duty, high level security. Throw in a fingerprint scan or access code requirement and you have the most impregnable entry system available today. This fingerprint door lock is impossible to break into, but for those who have clearance, access is easy and only takes a few seconds.

Protector - Heavy Duty Fingerprint Door Lock (Right) Protector - Heavy Duty Fingerprint Door Lock (Right)
Protector - Heavy Duty Fingerprint Door Lock (Right) Protector - Heavy Duty Fingerprint Door Lock (Right)

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